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Our curriculum is built on the fundamental paradigms of the discipline: theory, abstraction and design. These three are woven throughout the Department, binding the sometimes disparate topics of Computer Science into a cohesive body of knowledge and experience. Because of the rapidly changing character of the field, we review the curriculum regularly. Our work is heavily influenced by the liberal arts mission of the College, in particular our interdisciplinary approach and our inclusion of the cultural, legal and ethical issues surrounding computing within the curriculum. We provide our graduates with the ability to make informed decisions about the appropriate use of technology in a variety of contexts.


There are several computing platforms available to CS students at Earlham. The primary facilities used by the Department are the Advanced Computing Laboratories (ACLs), which consist of networked 3GHz Pentium D's running Ubuntu Linux 8.04 . Earlham has three Beowulf clusters maintained by our cluster computing group: Bob-Sced, a 16 node cluster running 2 dual core Intel Xeon processors per node; Bazaar, 16 dual processor 500MHz Pentium IIIs nodes; and Cairo, 16 dual processor 1GHz PPCs nodes. The college has laboratories around campus consisting of PC compatible and Macintosh microcomputers. These systems support a variety of operating systems, programming languages, software development tools, and database systems, all of which are available for student use. All of the computing facilities on campus are linked together with a high-speed network which allows resources to be used from most locations. Students have the opportunity for software development and programming experience under Redhat Linux, Debian Linux, and FreeBSD UNIX. Earlham's Wildman Science Library holds a selection of computer science periodicals and volumes to support faculty and students in their work. Students have access to on-line information sources including Dialog and the Internet. Earlham has been lauded as one of the most 'unwired' colleges in Indiana, having an extensive WiFi network which extends over the entire campus.

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